Bad Odor Neutralizer: Odor-X


This concentrated version of the home made sprayers has been developed for the situations where bad odors caused by bacteria proliferation in decomposing organic matters such as foods in restaurants and supermarket dumpsters, public bathrooms, nursing home and hospital laundries and also in the treatment of smoke damaged clothing caused by fire.

It is also used as a bad odor neutralizer smell for of dead animals in enclosed areas such as garages, cars, attics, etc.

Odor-X is a water based blend natural ingredients, polymers and fragrances when in contact with extreme bad odor, it neutralizes the source of the problem. Odor-X is a concentrated solution that works better if used straight in severe bad odor conditions. It can also be diluted with water to maintain a pleasant environment.

The Odor-X is a product widely used in conjunction with our Kitchen line of products and also as an additive to our laundry detergents to boost the freshness of laundered garments.