Concentrated Grill Cleaner: Cutz-It


Cutz-It is a heavy duty oven and grill cleaner. Cutz-It is a water based formulation of high grade solvents ,amines, surfactants, and dispersants designed to clean built-in grease, dirt and grime from ovens, grilles, pots and pans, etc. Cutz-It was developed primarily for use in commercial kitchens of restaurants, super markets, meat markets, hotels, and also in industrial kitchens where there is continuous food production.

The powerful formula allows application with a commercial sprayer, wait up to five minutes and hose-it off with clean high pressure water. In case of heavy grease build-up it may require a second application or let the product penetrate the surface longer than 5 minutes.

We currently sell around 10,000 gallons of this product per month directly to commercial kitchens and supermarkets.

Our extensive and fully tested kitchen line has been designed to give our distributors access to new markets by offering different price levels to end users and a wide selection of products to satisfy the most demanding kitchen managers to the most cost conscious ones.

Case: 4 x 1 gallon

Pail: 5 gallon